Therapies and Products

The onset of ‘Menarche’ sets off myriads of changes in a young woman’s body chemistry. As she undergoes a metamorphism that prepares her for the rest of her life, it is manifested as physiological, psychological and hormonal changes. As much as a woman’s body is endowed with inherent intelligence to maintain the balance, the natural consequence of the metamorphosis presents its own complexities and challenges. The rapid change in life style, socio economic conditions and other factors add to it. Shield’s choice of therapeutic segments, is influenced by its acute awareness, of the inadequacy of therapeutic support, for such gynaecological conditions, that drive down the quality and richness of women’s health. Through continuous association with the medical research community and the practicing doctors, shield is constantly pushing the frontiers for niche and effective solutions on the anvil. Our products are niche and unique in terms of its combinations and administration methodology. The formulations are determined by scientific research findings in order to be effective and as claimed. Much attention is paid to the form, dosage and mode of delivery to enhance efficiency in mechanism of action as well as patient convenience.

What The Doctors Say